VPN vs. Proxy: What’s best to choose? A few tips that you really need to know this year!

What is best to use now – a VPN server or a proxy? We recommend choosing a VPN server. This type of server offers a lot more security and privacy. This is especially important if you occasionally use public WiFi networks or work online with sensitive data, for example when online banking.

Safe access to the internet with VPN

We saw earlier in this article that a VPN actually has two potential drawbacks: price and cumbersome policies. However, with VPN Nederland you don’t have to worry about high prices or a privacy-sensitive log policy. We offer a subscription for just a few euros a month, which you can use on an unlimited number of devices. We also have a strict no-log policy for the beste VPN @ Globalwatchonline.nl


What are the advantages of a VPN?

  • A VPN connection not only hides your IP address, but also forms an encrypted tunnel around your internet traffic. This means that curious government agencies, hackers and companies cannot look over your shoulder, and your private data remains private.
  • Eén VPN server protects all your internet traffic. So you also benefit from the protection of the VPN when you are not surfing in your browser, but using an email program or playing an online game, for example. This is in contrast to a proxy server, which has to be installed for each application.
  • A VPN connection is generally a lot more stable than a connection via a proxy server. As a result, VPN connections are less likely to fail for Nord VPN avis en France.

What are the disadvantages of a VPN?

  • Subscribing to a good VPN provider is not free. The word “good” is crucial here. In fact, there are free VPN providers around, but we don’t recommend using them. Research shows that many of the large free VPN services are infected with malware. This is because free VPN providers (have to) use advertisements to make ends meet.
  • Some VPN providers store their users’ data (temporarily). This is also known as ‘logging’. This poses a problem the moment a VPN provider resells this data to third parties. Research shows that this happens mainly with free providers. Also, if a government agency requests this data, the privacy of the users is at risk for using Nord VPN.